Carli Bushoven - Executive Director at Madison Holleran Foundation

"This workshop was extremely insightful. I have participated in many online talks about mental health in our schools but this is the first one that really gave everyone who attended a voice.  Steve's groups really provoke you to ask yourself how can we help our students in the best possible ways so they can flourish in the classroom and beyond." 

Leonia School District Educators

The listening circle in the Mental Health Crisis breakout session was one of the most helpful tools I have learned. 

The afternoon breakout session with Steve was exceptional, very powerful and much needed! 

Hawthorne School District Educators

It was enlightening and RESTORATIVE. I feel like an invisible load has been lifted from myself, and I wasn't even aware it was there until I signed off. Thank you Steve!

I believe that this specific workshop was desperately needed for the teachers at Hawthorne High School.

It was great for us as a staff to just talk and take a step back. A lot of these techniques, self care models have a place in the classroom. Us as teachers have to find ways to incorporate that in class so the students can feel more comfortable in the classroom both in person and virtually.

Morris School District Educators

I have pages upon page of notes that I took during the workshop. So insightful, very useful material to apply in the classroom and on a personal level, and very practice.  Definitely made everything seem achievable and like I can easily apply it 

iLearn Schools Educators

Of all the PDs I've attended in the last few years I think this one may have been the most beneficial to myself and our organization. 

One of the best mandatory PDs I attended. 

Beginning by talking about how background (racial, sexual orientation, etc.) influences mental health, access to resources was extremely valuable. 

The ENTIRE presentation was useful and so important!  Steve explained the data and showed the differences among various races and those who are discriminated. 

It made me realize that we have to be more empathetic towards our students, and mental health comes before any subject we teach. 

Montclair State University Network for Education Renewal Educators

As a teacher it is easy to get caught up in frustrations and forget the positive and that is why I like Steve’s groups – they help reinforce many themes that I believe in. 

This PowerPoint presentation will be used a resource and my go to when I need to not only motivate the students but myself. 

It was a good reminder of the importance of engagement and building community. 

NJECC Participants

It reinforced and confirmed my own beliefs about education and the critical nature of developing a classroom community. 

I also loved that you discussed that it is okay to be vulnerable as a teacher – in fact, necessary, to allow our classroom to flourish. 

Manchester Regional High School Educator

Reminder to continue to practice positive mindset thinking as well as educate my students on how to pursue happiness by using healthy strategies 

Passaic County Technical Institute Educators

The way Steve helped us organize our system was amazing. It was not a typical "here's how you should be doing things" type of training is was true consulting with us to develop our format. 

The manner in which Steve structured the training involved everyone and allowed the information [to] unfold in a logical, sequential manner. 

Roselle Public Schools Educator

Loved the strategies for promoting empathy, diversity [and] acceptance. 

Trauma Informed Care: From Suicide to Social Emotional Learning Participant

The QPR explanation was much clearer and more helpful than other trainings I have been given when it comes to suicide prevention 

I love meetings that focus on connection and love!!!  Your understanding of what we deal with is so important.  Add to that, your ability to organize and tie it all together.

~ Kim Mapp, M.A. Student Assistance Coordinator/Counselor