Suicide Prevention

It takes three simple steps to save a life. Question. Persuade. Refer.

QPR Gatekeeper Training

QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer — the evidence-based intervention of 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide.

What is a gatekeeper?

A gatekeeper is any person in a position to realize that someone is at risk of suicide. We are not asking individuals to be clinicians, just human. After a two-hour training from a certified trainer, gatekeepers will be able to:

  • Identify early signs of suicide
  • Compassionately offer hope
  • Get help to save a life

Who should be a gatekeeper?

Teachers. Students. Parents. Paraprofessionals. Administrators. Bus Drivers. Custodians. Cafeteria staff. Anyone. EVERYONE. The warning signs of depression, hopelessness, or talk of suicide can occur anywhere at any time. The more people in your community that are trained as QPR gatekeepers, the greater chance of intervening and saving a life.

Don't wait until it's too late.