Crisis Intervention / Risk Assessment

Standardizing a district response to students who may be in danger of harming themselves or others

  • Together we will analyze your current practices regarding risk assessments
  • Collaboratively we will develop a customized standard operating procedure
  • Every step will be thoroughly specified as to responsibilities and actions from
    • Initial response
    • Student Interview
    • Re-entry process
  • Staff will receive training in the gold standard of suicide screening, the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale
    • Developed in 2007
    • Backed by 20 years of research
    • Adopted by the CDC
    • Recognized by the FDA as the gold standard
  • Staff will be able to follow a standardized process, provide risk level scores, and follow prescriptive evidence-based responses
  • Collectively we will personalize forms to strengthen student support and re-entry plans
  • An analysis will be conducted on how to harness the power of your student information system to handle historical risk assessment data