Student Growth Stories

Harness the power of predictive analytics to make informed, definsible, data-driven decisions

Decisions made from the superintendent to the classroom teacher should all be data driven. Teacher time is often wasted during each marking period. Logging-in and running reports on multiple websites in order to determine student growth, is time lost when access to historical information or scores from the child study team is not available. Even if you utilize another data warehouse provider, you still have to run multiple reports with various filters, and countless mouse clicks to get only a fraction of the information they need.

Fiedeldey Consulting LLC will work with your staff to develop your own version of student growth stories. Imagine every piece of quantifiable student data in ONE place, on ONE page, in an easy to interpret format that will assist teachers in heterogeneous groupings, setting Student Growth Objectives, and drive the writing of present levels of academic functioning.

We collaborate with your staff, teaching them how to develop a customized interface based on your district's assessments. Your staff learns how to data mine and scrub flat files from your outside, third party vendors, calculate predictive analytics, and how to aggregate this information in one central location. The days of data warehouses giving you a fraction of the information you need, only after drilling down through multiple filters are over. You take control and learn how to build your own data warehouse in a way that makes sense for your district.

Let subjective decision making based on limited data be a thing of the past.

If you would rather, Fiedeldey Consulting LLC can handle the creation and maintenance of student growth stories. We can spare you the work. Kindergarten screeners, running records, dyslexia screenings, child study team evaluations, report cards, and statewide assessments. If you administer it, we aggregate every piece of information and present it on one user friendly page. Additionally, we can even prepare your annual report to the Board of Education, which illustrates your combined student growth and district performance.