Trauma Informed Schools

Fiedeldey Consulting LLC defines what it means to be trauma informed and leads school communities to proactively identify and support individuals who have suffered traumatic and toxic stress.

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Phase One: Evidence-Based Emergency Response

  • Utilize evidence-based instruments to determine suicidal ideation, non-suicidal self-injurious behavior, and threat to others

  • Adopt common language across staff and providers

  • Integrate results in student information system

  • Results in 73% decrease in need for medical clearance

  • Utilize evidence-based program consisting of 3 simple steps to help save a life from suicide

  • Offer hope through positive action

  • Results in a community trained to intervene early in the chain of survival

Phase Two: Proactive Identification

  • Youth suicide in New Jersey has increased 66% in the past 10 years

  • Proactively combat the #1 cause of suicide, untreated depression, through universal screening

  • Train your staff in the gold standard of treatment for depression, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

  • Provide school-based CBT to students identified at-risk of depression

  • Results in a 40% decrease in depressive symptomology

Phase Three: Preventative Community of Care

  • Develop community and manage conflict by repairing harm and building relationships

  • Give voice to both the person harmed and the person who caused harm

  • Problem-solve collaboratively

  • Dialogue based decision-making process

  • According to CASEL, teaching SEL can yield an 11% increase in academic achievement

  • Staff and students who are happy and motivated work harder, longer, and are inoculated from stress and fatigue

  • Increase creativity which enhances the ability to find novel solutions to complex problems

We can't afford a system that is reactive to mental health.

Start the transformation to be a proactive, trauma informed school today.